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Ulwazi Rock Lodge
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Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon is a site of Natural Phenomena. It is the largest Green Canyon in the world and it stretches over 26 Kilometres and is over 800 meters deep. The Blyde River Canyon is located in Mpumalanga on the northern parts of the Drakensberg Escarpment. There are many treasures within the canyon like:

Ulwazi Rock Lodge - Blyde River Canyon - God's Window

Breath Taking Waterfalls

The Lowveld has some of the best waterfalls in South Africa. Most are easy to get to in a normal car and after a short walk. So when you've been to see the animals, why not take a leisurely drive and explore some of the best waterfalls in the Lowveld?

The Lisbon Falls (05)
The waterfall is situated in the heart of the waterfall area of Mpumalanga, where the number of these dramatic falls exceeds that of anywhere else in southern Africa. Lisbon Falls is 94 metres, or 308 feet, high, which makes it one of the highest in the province.

Lisbon Falls - photo copyright Artography

The Berlin Falls (06)
These falls tumble down in a single drop for some 80 metres, or about 260 feet, before crashing dramatically into a round basin that is an irresistible jade colour. Seeing the green waters set off by the red cliffs around them is something quite unforgettable and is best enjoyed from the observation platform above.

Berlin Falls - photo copyright Artography

The Mac Mac Falls (02)
Regarded as the most stunning of the lot, Mac Mac has twin falls that plunge some 70m into a gorge below. Now a national monument, the waterfall was not always split in two. Gold miners in the area for the gold rush blasted the originally single stream to try and reach the gold-bearing reef over which it drops.

Mac Mac Falls - photo copyright Artography

The Lone Creek Falls (08) 
Lone Creek Falls is one of most well-known landmarks of the forest area, and is located only 200m walk the parking area, thereby allowing for easy access for nature enthusiasts of all ages. The waterfall will take your breath away with its natural beauty. It reaches 68 m and is something truly exceptional to behold..

Lone Creek Falls - photo copyright Artography

Kruger Lowveld Video - It's in our Nature

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